Vespa Sprint 50



Starting at $5,690

Drive your Vespa Sprint safely around town thanks to the modern one-cylinder four-stroke 50cc engine, air-cooled and equipped with electronic injection. From the exhaust pipe to the inner structure of the transmission casing, each detail is designed to provide a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride. The control unit now contains a barometric sensor, which ensures optimum combustion under all conditions.

Reach new levels of reliability with Vespa Sprint, even in the continuous “stop and go” city traffic. 


Specifications gif maker 9
Fuel consumption
34,4 km/l
2,4 kW a 7.500 rpm
Environmental Performance
65 g/km
Fuel tank capacity
8 l
1. Width
735 mm
2. Wheelbase
1330 mm
3. Seat Height
790 mm
4. Length
1870 mm

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