Aprilia Christchurch

Aprilia have a rich history of beautiful quality, championship winning machines with stunning looks that match their performance.

We’re proud to stock a wide range of new and quality pre-owned Aprilia motorcycles delivered by our team of enthusiastic motorcyclists in our stunning city-centre showroom.

Tuono 660

From $19,690 +orc

Introducing the Tuono 660, the new generation of a versatile naked sportbike. Fun, easy and a heartbreaker on the aesthetics front, its potent combination of power and extraordinary lightness delivers a truly breathtaking and unique riding experience.

Tuono 660 Factory

From $21,990 +orc

The Factory trim transforms the already impressive Tuono 660 into an even more dynamic, lightweight and high-performance bike of unparalleled quality with an incredible power-to-weight ratio.

Tuono V4 1100

From $28,990 +orc

The Aprilia Tuono V4 discovers its true vocation as a fantastic travel companion with revamped ergonomics, a new saddle and specially designed accessories making it super comfortable for long road trips. And of course, like any self-respecting V4, there’s no shortage of speed!

Tuono V4 Factory 1100

From $31,990 +orc

The Aprilia Tuono V4 Factory is a veritable performance machine, with new lines, new aerodynamics with integrated winglets, a Moto GP-style swingarm, advanced electronics and 175 mighty horsepower all making it a standout both on the road and on the track.

RS 660

From $21,190 +orc

With its sporty personality and stunning contemporary lines, the RS 660 brings the winning Aprilia track experience to the road. Its unique design shapes a lightweight, compact bike with sleek, agile volumes.

RSV4 Factory 1100

From $38,990 +orc

Imagine the thrills of being astride a motorcycle on a racing track. The shivers that run down your spine as you hit top speed, the flow of adrenalin as you accelerate on the bends, the sharp intake of breath as you power towards the finishing line. Welcome to the RSV4 Factory experience.

Tuareg 660

From $21,990 +orc

Technical, essential, dynamic and proudly Italian, the Tuareg 660 doesn't accept the bar set by others, but pushes you to take on new challenges and find the perfect trajectory on which to confront them, precisely where there is no grip.

SR GT 200

From $7,490 +orc

Agile, dynamic and delivering great performance in all conditions, the Aprilia SR GT 200 packs a punch with its brand-new 174-cc single-cylinder engine.

SR GT Sport 200

From $7,690 +orc

The sporting soul of the SR GT is clear at a glance, with gritty, original lines, sporty finishing details, high-quality materials and Italian style.

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