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From $29,990 +orc

The 2023 version of Suzuki’s flagship sportbike is propelled by a muscular, refined inline four-cylinder engine housed in a proven and thoroughly updated chassis with incomparable manners, managed by an unequalled suite of electronic rider aids within stunning aerodynamic bodywork that is distinctly Hayabusa.


From $28,990 +orc

In 1985, Suzuki revolutionised the sportbike category with the introduction of the original GSX-R750, then rewarded enthusiasts and racers in 2001 with the original GSX-R1000. Using the lithe chassis of the GSX-R750 and a 988cc inline four-cylinder engine design that Suzuki is renowned for, Superbike performance became available to riders everywhere.


From $21,990 +orc

The KATANA was developed to be a sporty-looking standard street motorcycle that takes lean, mean retro flair and evolves it to offer thoroughly modern styling and performance. Built to deliver the exciting ride one would desire in a current 1000cc class motorcycle, the KATANA is also designed to provide easy control over that power and a comfortable riding position.


From $21,990 +orc

More than an evolution of the prior generation GSX-S1000F, the GSX-S1000TRQ fulfils the transformation in what performance-minded touring enthusiasts desire, whether heading out on a long trip with a pillion or enjoying a sporty solo mission on your favourite winding road.


From $23,990 +orc

The V-STROM 1050RJ introduces features aimed at improving performance on unpaved surfaces, and include – for the first time – a ground-breaking flagship model dedicated to maximising off-road performance with a 21-inch front wheel, switchable ABS and a special gravel traction control mode.


From $22,990 +orc

Introducing the Suzuki V-STROM 1050RR that offers riders an even greater range of long-distance adventure touring possibilities, while adopting new or updated features that further heighten riding pleasure, comfort and utility.


From $18,990 +orc

The GSX-S1000 now aims to deliver greater controllability, agility, and power for an even more exciting riding experience, while complying with worldwide emissions standards. A multitude of updates hones the GSX-S1000’s physique into an even tighter and more striking package that is ready to turn heads and own the streets.


From $15,990 +orc

Brand new from the ground up, the Suzuki GSX-8S has a brand-new engine and frame built around it as a perfect match. The parallel-twin 776cc DOHC, 4-valve per-cylinder engine includes a long-stroke configuration that provides a fine balance of smooth, controllable power from low rpm and the satisfying feeling of free-revving performance through to the high end.


From $14,990 +orc

Blends GSX-R750-derived engine performance with an ergonomically sound chassis to forge a naked sportbike that gathers attention everywhere you ride. The GSX-S750’s special appearance, strong performance, and comfortable riding posture set it apart from other middleweight sportbikes, and many of those competitors cost considerably more to purchase and own.


From $11,490 +orc

Suzuki riders struck motorcycling gold when the first SV650 debuted in 1999. Since then, this iconic motorcycle has seen continual improvements while still embodying the sporty personality that only a lively, mid-sized V-twin roadster can deliver.


From $5,990 +orc

ggressively styled like the legendary GSX-R racers and kitted with MotoGP engine tech, the Gixxer 250 is lightweight and fun, with the power to get you going. The advanced, oil-cooled, fuel-injected engine delivers instant throttle response through a slick 6-speed transmission, giving higher fuel efficiency, cutting your running costs and reducing your carbon footprint.


From $5,590 +orc

Cut your travel time and create opportunities you never knew existed. Arrive early and grab a coffee, catch up with others, and get geared up for the busy day ahead. Settle behind the bars of the all-new, comfortable, easy-to-ride, naked Gixxer 250 and your mind will be freed from the clutter and stress of a busy week.


From $16,100

The Suzuki GSX-8R introduces an exciting new expression of sportbike appeal, performance and riding pleasure. Designed to appeal to riders of all ages and skill levels, the GSX-8R brings the fun of riding a sportbike to every outing.


From $18,990 +orc

The V-STROM 800DE features Suzuki’s brand-new parallel twin 776cc DOHC, 4-valve-per-cylinder engine, a rugged new frame, the longest amount of suspension travel, and the tallest ground clearance of any V-STROM model to date. Every aspect of the design is geared to deliver a satisfying experience to riders who desire more power than 650cc class can deliver, and who desire the ability to tour comfortably and confidently.


From $15,490 +orc

Renowned for versatility, reliability, and value, the Suzuki V-Strom 650 has attracted many riders who use their motorcycles for touring, commuting, or just for fun ride when the mood strikes. These are touchstone motorcycles balanced with a natural riding position, comfortable seat, and a flexible engine character that produces stress-free riding during your daily commute or an epic adventure.


From $14,490 +orc

The trouble with adventure bikes getting bigger and bigger is that the adventure bit gets smaller and smaller. Which is why many real adventure riders regard Suzuki’s V-Strom 650 as the perfect adventure bike. Power and comfort to effortlessly transport you to the middle of nowhere, and light enough to confidently tackle the more adventurous stuff when you get there.


From $6,990 +orc

Whether the ride leads across smooth pavement, or unpaved roads, the V-STROM 250SX is the right bike for exploration and fun. Through every bend, you’ll have the confidence that comes with Suzuki’s renowned reliability.


From $10,990 +orc

Riders will be impressed with the amount of torque coming from the 398cc, liquid-cooled powerplant, as well as the crisp handling from the adjustable suspension. The DR-Z400E comes with an electric start, easy-to-read instrument cluster, fitted with powerful disc brakes and lightweight aluminium wheels.


From $3,690 +orc

This head-turning, street-smart, all-rounder is more than a stylish commuter. The UK110 boasts responsive acceleration, optimised fuel economy, and an accommodating 20.6-litre luggage compartment that provides ample room for your helmet and riding gear.


From $3,290 +orc

Ride it on your car licence and beat that traffic nightmare. This stylish street cruiser will impress with its environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient, fuel-injected, 4-stroke engine and automatic transmission, just twist and go!


From $3,990

Suzuki JR80, the bike designed for young riders, in the 7-10 age group, who have gone beyond their ‘first’ bike. The 2-stroke engine has more than enough power to satisfy, and the 5-speed transmission helps put the power smoothly to the ground.


From $4,490

Blending race-inspired looks along with an exciting entry-level off-road package creates the DR-Z125. Built around a time-proven chassis and engine package. Inheriting sleek designs from its RM-Z brothers, the DR-Z125 yields motocross styling that looks good at the local track or a favourite trail.


From $4,990

Larger 19-inch front and 16-inch rear tyres, as well as a front disc brake, deliver big bike performance to a size-appropriate motorcycle. Styled to mirror Suzuki’s Championship-winning RM-Z models, this DR-Z arrives with a race-oriented look, while the sharp handling and strong low-end and mid-range power provide the get-up-and-go that defines off-road bikes.


From $3,990

With a smooth and torquey four-stroke electric start engine, the LT-Z50 Quadsport offers performance that’s ideal for beginner riders developing their skills. It has a variety of features to help your youngster spend time learning to ride right including adjustable throttle stop and full footboards and that’s sure to put a parent’s mind at ease.


From $4,990

Convenient features like an automatic transmission and electric starter help make this ATV suitable for supervised riders ages 12 and up. An easy-to-set throttle limiter lets adults set the power level appropriately for young riders, and a keyed ignition switch makes sure there are no unauthorised journeys.


From $15,990

The RM-Z450 remains the champion’s choice, as its sleek, race-ready appearance, strong engine, and nimble chassis continue the Suzuki tradition of extraordinarily precise handling. The RM-Z450 represents Suzuki’s Winning Balance philosophy with strong brakes for controlled stopping power, a wide spread of engine muscle with high peak power, and a strong, light, and more nimble chassis that remains the class standard for cornering performance.


From $14,990

The choice of wise professionals and privateers everywhere, the RM-Z250 is ready for battle. The agile RM-Z250 combines the sleek, race-ready appearance of the RM-Z450 with a versatile engine and responsive chassis to deliver superior performance. Using Suzuki’s “RUN, TURN, and STOP” philosophy, factory engineers have made the RM-Z250 a formidable competitor.


From $17,826 +GST

If you’ve got a big block, extreme terrain, or a heavy workload, you need the strength and power of the ultimate quad. The KingQuad 750 is Suzuki’s flagship machine, with the power and stability to go anywhere and take on any job.


From $16,957 +GST

A farmer’s work is never done. At the end of a long day, there are still plenty of chores – gear to store, dogs to feed, and firewood to cut It’s at times like these you’ll be thankful for the KingQuad 500’s revolutionary electric power steering.


From $16,087 +GST

You sometimes need the ultimate grunt from your quad, but mostly it’s an everyday all-round gutsy farm companion. Here’s where the KingQuad 500 comes into its own. You get all the advances of the flagship ATV – the KingQuad 750 – but in a package that offers the best value in its class.


From $12,609 +GST

No matter what the conditions, you've got to work, and so does your quad. whether you're slogging it out in the summer heat, or up to the top of your gumboots in a miserably wet winter, you'll appreciate the reliability and ll day comfort the KingQuad 400 offers.


From $12,609 +GST

The KingQuad 400 was extensively tested and refined on New Zealand farms and is equipped with an economical fuel-injected 376 cc motor. You will spend less time at the fuel pump and get more ‘k’s between fills.

Featuring a sealed and waterproof LCD digital instrumentation including speedometer, odometer, trip meter, clock, and fuel gauge. With long travel anti-roll suspension, a twin shock rear end and a low centre of gravity, the KingQuad provides you with all-day comfortable and a stable ride.


From $2,391 +GST

Agile and economical, the Suzuki GN125 can be kitted out with front and rear knobbly tyres, stronger handlebar, low gearing, hand guards, mud flaps, O’ring chain, side stand washer, and tank cover.

The GN125 has been a perennial favourite with road riders since its inception, and with a few mods is now the perfect lightweight bike for your farm.

* Price does not include farm kit or fitting. Cannot be registered for on-road use.


From $6,086 +GST

An all-purpose utility motorcycle, the DR200SE is built tough with many special features that make it ideal for the rigorous conditions of modern-day farming, including a powerful headlight, clutch and brake lever protectors, extended guards, dual side stands, and big carry racks. Its toughness and penchant for good old-fashioned hard work has made it a firm favourite on New Zealand farms.

* Specification and accessories depicted may differ from the model available in NZ


From $27,999 +orc

GSX-S1000GX — the supreme sport crossover that introduces an exciting new expression of luxurious riding comfort and pleasure.

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